belong too was born out of Belong Magazine.


Belong too is the passion project of a mother + daughter team who have hearts to see women of all ages come together in life-giving ways, creating spaces for community, encouraging creativity and offering care for the body, mind and soul.


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We love ice cream, journaling, Gilmore Girls (and other binge worthy shows), Target (who doesn't, right?!), going to concerts together and time to ourselves.

Our similarities don't stop there. We both suffer from anxiety and depression as well as having struggled with eating disorders. You know, all the stuff that no one ever wants to admit to and rarely talks about!? Yes, we both know what it's like to feel lonely and lost, to not have a place to belong. We hope that Belong can be a catalyst for other women to be authentic and use their passions for a purpose; to not only find their place, but encourage others to do the same.  Because they belong too.  


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Hello! My name is Sophia, though I prefer Phia. I'm a high school student in SoCal, whose heart is back home in Illinois with my beloved Lou Malnati’s (that's Chicago-style deep dish if you don't know).  I am an avid reader, a bullet journal enthusiast, a soccer player, and an aspiring writer. I enjoy film and video editing on the side; currently I am a leader for a student run news broadcasting program. I am a total bagel addict, personally I advocate for a simple sesame, and love snuggling up with my cats. I find my community on social media with a studygram and my many fandoms! I dream of being a polygot and traveling the world. But for now, film and books will suffice.

I am so excited to work on Belong Too after seeing the impact my mother has made with Belong. I am hopeful that I will be able to grow a community of like-minded, creative young women. And most of all, that they will feel like they belong- and so will I.



This is me. Just me. I'm Brooke Saxon-Spencer and I'm the founder and editor of Belong Magazine, a quarterly digital and print magazine celebrating creativity, community and entrepreneurship. I'm a total introvert, Starbucks addict, M&M fiend, wife to my college sweetheart, mother of three, work-from-homer (yes, I have a full-time day job in healthcare management), midwestern girl at heart living in SoCal, and super multi-tasker. I founded Belong Magazine out of a desire for community - a desire to encourage women to use their voices and be confident in their value, a hope for women to use the screen in front of them to connect beyond that screen, to discover “their place” and find “their people”. I hope Belong will serve as a map directing women to one another, connecting them in life-giving ways. Belong Magazine has grown into a nationally publication that you can find on the shelves at Barnes & Noble stores.

Though she's supporting Sophia here at Belong Too, you usually can find her over at Belong.